A selection of my work


This is a small selection of my work which I do, when I am not out sailing.

All of my paintings are on bits of wood that I found lying around or on pallet wood from the local supermarket. You may see the edges are a little rough! That is the way they are in reality, with gaps, cracks and nail holes.

A selection of my work is on display at Nancys Art Gallery In English Harbour

“Rhythm of Blue”

English Harbour


West Indies


Some of my Work

High Flying Birds

Frigate birds Catamaran

A couple of Frigate Birds flying high over a Catamaran

Two Pelicans and a boat

Pelican Fishing boat

Two happy guys just hanging out

A Pelican and a fishing boat

Pelican boat

A Pelican flying low over a fishing boat

A Pelican sunset

A Pelican heading home at sunset

Frigate Birds

Frigate birds

A couple of Frigate birds hanging around

Blue Fish

Blue fish


English Harbour

English Harbour


A view of English Harbour from Shirley Heights

Fishing Boat

Rowing boat

A small fishing boat on the water

Stroll on beach

A tall bird strolling along a beach

Fishing boat and palm tree

A fishing boat tied to a Palm tree on a lovely beach


A tall Palm tree

A tall Palm tree on a beach (maybe a key holder?)

Palm tree

A palm tree moving gently in the breeze

Parasol on a beach

A parasol on a beach with a yacht sailing by


Surfboard Palm beach

A small painting on a small surfboard of a palm tree on a beach

Fishing Boat

An old fishing boat lying on the beach

3 PelicansPelicans


A pair of Laughing Gulls

Laughing gulls

Humming Bird

A humming  bird in flight

Sea and Seagulls

Seagulls and a yacht on the horizon

A boat, a beach, a post and a Seagull

A tranquil painting of a Seagull waiting for food

Pelican 1

One of three  Pelicans ‘Chilling’

Pelican 2

One of three  Pelicans ‘Chilling’

Pelican 3

One of three  Pelicans ‘Chilling’


Palm Beach

Palm leaf

A Pelican, a Palm leaf and a beach.

Pelicans on postsPelicanseablue

A group of happy chappies watching the day go by



A yacht on a breezy day with the waves crashing on to the beach

Fishing Boat

Blueboat1A fishing boat pulled up on to the beach with a Seagull hoping for a snack


A turtle with a fishy friend.

Created with GIMP

This Turtle is happily swimming along with his little fishy friend.


A small painting of a small Turtle


This little chappie is swimming close to the beach. The colours are a little bit more vibrant in real life.


A Barbuda Warbler came to visit the other day

He sat quietly on the window ledge for a while, just long enough to get a little inspiration.

A Pelican and a boat

Created with GIMP

I suppose this should be called a Pelican on a boat and a Yacht!


A beach on a surf board


A small painting of a beach on a surf board


 A beach and a Pelican

Created with GIMP

A pelican flying home as the sun goes down

A Pelican at sunset

Created with GIMP
A Pelican heading home at sunset after a good day fishing.


Palm Tree and Yacht in the distance

Created with GIMP

A Palm Tree on a beach with a yacht on the Horizon


White Egret on the beach



A elegant white Egret looking for some supper.


A Surfing Turtle


This is a small painting of a Turtle on a piece of wood in the shape of a surf board


Antiguan Beach

Created with GIMP

A small painting of a palm tree lined beach


Boat on the horizon


Palm tree lined beach with a yacht on the Horizon


Misty Boat

Created with GIMP

A sail boat out at sea on a misty morning.


Looking out to sea

Created with GIMP

The team looking out to sea


Pelicans over the sea

Created with GIMP

A couple of Pelicans flying low over the sea as the sun goes down.


Two Palm tree paintings

Created with GIMP

Created with GIMP

A pair of paintings with palm trees on a beach


Evening Kite Surf

Created with GIMP

A couple of Kite Surfers enjoying the setting sun


Pelican watching the sun go down

Created with GIMP

I caught this image one evening and thought  how lovely it is that we all enjoy watching the sunset.


Rowing Boat

A small painting of a rowing boat on a buoy